Daily Routine


(Generally dogs have the bladder control to wait to potty for a short period of time) Your dog MUST be calm before she gets attention this means no jumping, barking . Go about your morning routine making coffee, reading online newspaper, whatever it may be, as soon as you see them sit or stand without barking give your dog attention but never before.


Before you let your dog outside for potty, play, a walk, whatever the case may be they MUST: “SIT”, “STAY” (by the side of the door so you can open it freely) and “WATCH” (this is eye contact with you); open the door with your dog still in a “SIT STAY”{**if they gets up close the door closes and start all over**} You step out of the door in front of your dog (ALWAYS!) and release them with “OK”


Put your dog in a “SIT STAY” on their “PLACE” before you start to prepare their food; while preparing your dog’s food they MUST continue to be on their PLACE in the commanded position; when you go to put the bowl down they MUST continue to be in a SIT STAY add a “WATCH ME” once you get that eye contact (for a couple seconds) you can start to move the bowl down to the floor. If your dog is having a hard time leaving the food step in front of them as to block their view of the food; guide their eyes back up to you and with a pleasant but firm voice say stay and start to lower the bowl once more.

With these simple commands placed in the right context at the right time insure that you are seen as the Alpha or leader all day every day. Follow this routine daily for a well-mannered dog!

Never get mad at your dog while training. Yelling, Screaming, will not get the job done any faster, in fact it will hinder training efforts and make your dog fearful of you. End of a positive note! Most important HAVE FUN AND ENJOY EACHOTHER COMPANY