About You Don’t Know Sit Dog Training

About Me

A well-trained dog is a companion that can offer a lifetime of fun, love, and adventure.

My name is Eliot Kaufman. I have a true passion for working with dogs and people. I am the owner and operator of You Don’t Know Sit Dog Training located in Durham, NC. Dog training is about deepening your relationship with your dog. All good relationships are based on trust, mutual respect, and love. Our relationship with our dogs should be no different. The purpose of dog training is to open the lines of communication between two different species to solidify the bond between you and your dog. Dogs do not speak English; therefore, dog training is a process of pairing an action with a word.

Assessing, enriching and building upon this relationship is the cornerstone of You Don’t Know Sit Dog Training The difference between a weak dog–parent relationship and a strong and respectful one is the difference between having a dog that looks at you and asks “Why?” when you request a behavior and one who responds quickly and happily.

It is important to treat the entire dog, not just the problem that the dog may be presenting. While basic manners training and behavior modification are a big part of the practice, every consultation includes a discussion of the dog’s overall quality of life, nutrition, exercise, and enrichment.

You Don’t Know Sit takes pride in not only training your dog, but also in giving you—the dog’s real trainer—the knowledge and tools to modify problems outside of training sessions. Through clear and easy methods,You Don’t Know Sit educates dog parents on how dogs learn, and on how parents can use this knowledge to elicit the behaviors they want.